The Stato Civile Officer or the Mayor of the town will put into writing if the comune is accepting or denying your application once they have completed their examination of all the documentation and received all the no renunciation certificates.

In the case of a denial, they will specify the specific reason for the denial and allow you to appeal the decision either on your own or through a third party. You can always have an Italian citizenship lawyer examine your denial letter and decide if perhaps recourse to the Italian courts is your next best option. If your application is approved, you will receive a letter of recognition and be called back to the comune to sign the attestation of recognition of Italian citizenship, unless it is the practice in that town for the Mayor and not the applicant to sign the attestation. The town clerk will need some time to transcribe your vital records, but you will be permitted to request the Italian version of your birth and marriage certificate as soon as the transcription process is complete. At this point you are free to also request your Carta d’Identità (ID card) from the Anagrafe Office and your Italian passport from the Polizia di Stato if one is needed. The Carta d’Identità will only cost you 5.42 Euros and you need to bring only 2 passport size photos, whereas the passport will cost you 116 Euros in total (this includes a 73.50 Euros administrative fee and plus the fee for a marca da bollo in the amount of 42.50 Euros) and you will need 4 passport size photos and your carta d’identità.

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