In the steps above, we mention that there is sometimes confusion on the part of comuni over who is responsible for requesting required responses from all consulates that preside over locations where the applicant’s direct line lived as to whether or not the applicant or ascendant ever renounced Italian citizenship to an Italian official. According to the procedural book “Manuale pratico della cittadinanza in Italia” by Maria Rita Serpilli in section 9.1.3. Adempimenti dell’ufficiale dello stato civile, it states:

“Il certificato di non rinuncia alla cittadinanza italiana, di cui al punto 3) del paragrafo precdedente viene richiesto direttamente dall’ufficiale dello stato civile al consolato competente (o ai diversi consolati, se gli ascendenti sono risiduti in più circoscrizioni consolari) (modulo n. 42)


The certificate of non-renunciation of Italian citizenship, referred to in point 3) of the previous paragraph is requested directly by the stato civile officer to the competent consulate (or at the different consulates, if the ascendants are resident in several consular districts) (form n. 42)

Click here for an example of a non rinuncia form that a comune might have you fill-out, with which they will determine what to request from which consulates.

When making a request to the consulate(s), the officer may need to include a copy of your certificate of residency, showing you are in the APR database and proof of when and if your ancestor naturalized in order to get a response.

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