Sometimes the previous 3 steps plus the processing of your recognition application will exceed the 90 days your passport allows you to stay. In this case, it is mandatory to obtain an extended stay permit called a Permesso di Soggiorno (PdS).

If you have already been in Italy for 2 months and it is possible you will have to stay beyond the 90 days before your citizenship is finalized (or if the Anagrafe clerk decides that you need the PdS in order to establish residency), then you need to go and apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza. The PdS IAC will permit you to reside in Italy for 1 year while you wait for your citizenship application to conclude. You can pick up your PdS kit (Kit Giallo) at the Italian Post Office (Ufficio Postale). You will need to fill out Modulo 1 in black ink and do so without any errors as even the smallest mistake invalidates the application and you will need a fresh form. Modulo 1 requires that you affix a marca da bollo in the amount of 16 Euros, which you can obtain from the Tabaccheria. You need to sign the forms in the presence of the Post Office employee, and they will seal the envelope, so bring it unsealed. The post office will give you a receipt that you applied for the PdS and that receipt is sufficient proof for the town clerk to register you as a resident if they feel the PdS is essential for APR registration.

Once the permesso is ready (and this can take up to four months), you will be summoned to the Questura and asked to present your Identification information and four photos of you taken with a white background. The receipt that the Post Office gives you is important, as it will also contain the Protocol number for your PdS application which will allow you to track its progress on their website.

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