Circular no. 52 – September 28, 2007, Ministry of Interior


Department for Territorial and Internal Affairs

Center for Management of Demographic Services

SUBJECT:     Obtaining residency status for applicants of Italian descent applying for the recognition of citizenship. Implementation of the law # 68/2007 for people traveling on short-term stay permits.

Following the release of Circular Letter # 32 of June 2007 the SS.LL are kindly asked to inform all the municipalities of its publication in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Law Journal)  # 181 on August 6, 2007 under the title of Decree of the Ministry of the Interior, dated July 26, 2007 and with the heading “Different ways of making a declaration of presence for foreigners making a short-term trip for the purpose of a visit, business, tourism and studies according to the law # 68 of May 28, 2007”.

According to the instructions of the above-mentioned Ministerial Decree for the purpose of taking up residency in Italy in order to apply for the recognition of Italian citizenship jure sanguinis people coming from counties outside of the Schengen area only need to present the immigration stamp placed on their travel document by the Boarder Authorities to demonstrate to the Comune that one has permission to legally stay in the country temporarily.

For all those people entering Italy from within the Schengen Area it is necessary to show proof to the Comune that a declaration of Presence was previously made to the chief of Police at the Questura within 8 days of arrival as is laid out in article 9 of the Royal Decree # 773 of June 18, 1931 which was issued to people who operate Hotel and other types of accommodation services.

The stamp or a copy of the declaration of presence, depending on the country from which one enters Italy constitutes proof that the foreigner has permission to legally reside in Italy for a period of up to three months or for the minimum period allotted according to their entry visa if applicable.


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