Deputata al Parlamento Italiano (Nord e Centro America). Deputy to the Italian Parliament for North and Central America.

“Sono Angela Fucsia Nissoli, vivo da quasi 30 anni negli Stati Uniti, dove risiedo con marito e tre figli. Sono da sempre impegnata nel sociale a diversi livelli. Ho sempre cercato di trasmettere l’amore e l’orgoglio per il Bel Paese ai miei figli e in tutte le mie attività.”

“I’m Angela Fucsia Nissoli and I’ve lived in the United States for over 30 years, where I reside with my husband and three children. I’ve always been committed to social issues at different levels. I have always tried to convey the love and pride for the Bel Paese to my children and in all my activities.”

Hon. Fucsia Nissoli Fitzgerald, was born in Treviglio (BG – Italy) on April 17, 1963 and has been living in the USA for 29 years, she recently moved with her husband to Houston. She is married and the mother of three children. In March 2018, she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Circoscrizione Estera – North and Central America, on the “Salvini – Berlusconi – Meloni” list.

She is currently a member of the Foreign and Communitarian Affairs Committee. In 2013, she was elected for the first time in the Chamber of Deputies in North and Central America. At the Chamber of Deputies, in the XVII Legislatura, she was a member of the Commission for Foreign and Communitarian Affairs, Secretary of the Standing Committee on Italians in the World and the promotion of the Country System and President of the Italian-US Parliamentary Friendship Association. Furthermore in the last Legislatura she was part of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the level of digitalization of the Public Administration, a position that allowed her to work for innovation also abroad.

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